This section provides information on many of the fees associated with obtaining building permits. Every permit is different, so please review the information linked here and the handouts and forms linked from this page to determine which fees might apply. Fee ordinance updates approved by the County of San Diego Board of

Parks Department Fees for Dwelling Permits

Doing Business

Fix, Plan + Build

Incentives and programs are available to help launch, grow and expand your business, and provide support for homeowners and contractors to get work done.

Helping businesses in San Diego grow and flourish is a major focus of the City of San Diego. The City is dedicated to helping foster the region's economy to improve the quality of life for its citizens and business community. Through many continuing programs and projects, the City creates opportunities for businesses to succeed.

Crime Statistics and Maps

Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS)

A variety of crime statistics and crime maps are available for the City of San Diego on the Automated Regional Justice Information System (ARJIS) web site (link is external) .

Clery Act Campus Crime Reports

The San Diego Police Department receives requests for Clery Act Campus Crime Reports from institutions of higher learning regularly. To better accommodate their requests, standard reports have been produced to provide the necessary information.

Reporting Graffiti

If you see graffiti vandalism in progress, call 9-1-1 and report it immediately to the San Diego Police Department . Do not confront the vandals. Although they may appear to be harmless, they may be carrying weapons. The police will respond based on the priority of the crime compared to others for which they have calls at the time.

Reporting Existing Graffiti

If you see graffiti in your neighborhood on public or private property, report it immediately to the Graffiti Control Program through online reporting or by calling the Graffiti Hotline at 619-527-7500 . Calls to Street Division Customer Service are confidential.

City crews remove graffiti from City property, usually within five days of receiving a report. City code compliance officers must notify private property owners of graffiti on their property and of their responsibility to remove it. Depending on the cooperation of property owners, it could take longer for graffiti to be removed from private properties.

Rewards Program

With our Spray and Pay Graffiti Rewards Program , you could receive up to $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of graffiti vandals.

Street Division maintains the City's streets and structures. The navigation at right will take you to detailed information on each of these services.

Please note that Storm Drain duties and Street Sweeping have been transferred to the Transportation & Storm Water Department .

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